Activity 7.2
Cooling the climate

This is a board game, which reinforces for players the actions and choices individuals can make to help tackle climate change. The spiral progresses from hot red to cool green – first to the middle is the winner!

Learners will have/be able to:

  • Describe a range of actions and choices individuals can make to help tackle climate change, or make it worse
  • Considered the design implications in devising board games
  • Evaluated their own and others’ work, looked for improvements and provided positive feedback
  • Appreciate how playing board games can provide enjoyment and learning through sharing an experience with others


  • Version 1 – use the game provided
    Outdoor (preferable)/ indoor space

    Flat area to lay out the board
  • 7.2A Cooling spiral game board
    A4 patterns can be mounted on board and laminated for longer lasting; or the pattern can be painted/chalked onto the playground tarmac, or drawn with coloured permanent marker pens onto large sheets of builders’ plastic, and taken folded onto the playing field or woodland site
  • 7.2B Cooling the climate card set
    1 per board
  • Player pieces
    e.g. tiddlywinks, or different kinds of seeds/ cones/acorns/nuts on the A4 board, players themselves on tarmac or plastic sheet
  • Dice
    Normal game–sized for playing with paper board; or 10–20cm3 made from wooden cubes/ sponge with bevelled edges and dots marked on – enough for 1 per board
  • Version 2 – create their own game
    Indoor space

    With access to computers 
  • Plenty of white card and flipchart/paper
    A4 paper, rulers, pencils, guillotine, scissors,
    glue sticks, coloured pens
  • Gameboard
    If required
  • Player pieces
    1 per board
  • Player pieces
    As above
  • Dice
    Enough for 1 per board
  • Action cards – blank

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