Activity 7.1
Enjoy your local woodland

This is an activity encouraging you to just go outdoors and enjoy being amongst trees, whatever the season or weather. This is an opportunity to remind ourselves why woodlands and forests are so important to us, as humans (Soak in some of the wonders of the natural world).

Some woodlands are designated for their biodiversity and conservation value – some activities are restricted by law. In Scotland there is open access for responsible users, but it is always advantageous to contact the farmer/owner of a particular woodland site, before visiting with a group of school children. Be sure, in Scotland, that you cover relevant aspects of the Know the Code (Scottish Outdoor Access Code), and elsewhere in England and Wales – The Country Code. There are many opportunities, even for urban schools, but these will depend on your location – here are some ideas!

Learners will have/be able to:

  • These will vary according to what you want your learners to come away from their visit with – empathy, understanding, skills etc. Involving the learners in planning a visit can deliver additional outcomes

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