Activity 6.3
Forests for the future

This activity provides small groups the opportunity to plan a forest for the future.

They will explore some of the issues that planners of new forests must consider nowadays, to ensure that the trees and forest management helping to mitigate climate change, is sustainable, and also good for future biodiversity value and landscape quality.

Learners will have/be able to:

  • Explain the key features of a sustainable forest and how forests can help combat climate change
  • Contribute to both group and individual tasks effectively, and help the group make progress
  • Assess and evaluate their own work and those of others, and provide thoughtful, positive feedback on how to improve either/or both spoken presentations and posters


  • Outdoors preferably in a woodland setting
    A clearing with space to lay out & share a number of model forests
  • Rope length
    4m per group
  • 6.3A Decision planning cards
    – discussion points and actions
    1/2 cards per group
  • Digital camera/camcorder

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