Activity 6.2
A pesky problem

This is a small group research activity based on information provided on four key tree pest insect species, backed up by an internet search.

The four groups will find information about their species, its characteristics and habits, where it comes from and its distribution the trees it targets the effect on trees/forests/people, and the control of the species (if any), among other research questions. Each group reports back through a short presentation on their species to the rest of the class, and produces a poster summarising their research.

Learners will have/be able to:

  • Explain why pests and diseases are a big problem in forestry, and what new challenges climate change may bring in the way of insect pests
  • Describe at least one important pest insect species, the damage it causes, the trees it affects and other information about its habits, lifestyle and current UK distribution.
  • Use a search engine and library to obtain additional information about a selected insect species
  • Extract information, make notes and draw together key elements to contribute towards a spoken presentation and/or poster
  • Use imagination in developing an interesting and enjoyable group spoken presentation, using prompt cards as necessary.
  • Use creativity in to the group production of a visual poster
  • Contribute to both group and individual tasks effectively, and help the group make progress.
  • Assess and evaluate their own work and those of others, and provide thoughtful, positive feedback on how to improve either/or both spoken presentations and posters


  • 6.2A Pest species photographs
    Horse chestnut leaf minor, oak processionary moth, asian longhorn beetle, pine weevil
  • 6.2B Pest species information sheets
    Large envelopes

    One per group – containing a copy of the information and photo of the species to be studied

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