Planting more trees – changes and challenges

Planning for the future & A pesky problem
Mark Broadmeadow talks about how climate change will mean that our forests could look very different in the future, compared with what they look like today. In the following section, we hear from Daegan Inward, an entomologist (insect man!) at Forest Research, who explains that we could be faced with new, or greater numbers of, plant and/or insect migrants, which may become pests, or develop diseases, e.g. fungal/rusts, that are harmful to trees. To combat this we need to maintain diversity in the age and structure of our forests, and be able to assess the spread, risk and control of new pest species. We also need to consider new ways of planting, as well as planting a variety of different species, already adapted to the new physical and climate conditions – these are being experimented with today, for finding the trees best fitted for our forests of the future.

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Activity 6.1
Changing trees – fit for purpose
Activity 6.2
A pesky problem
Activity 6.3
Forests for the future