Activity 5.3
Houses of wood

This activity traces the use of wood in traditional and modern buildings across time locally and globally.

By studying the different buildings provided in illustrated format, the learners can investigate further– more about their location, and any details they can find out – explaining why these buildings are made from wood.

Learners will have/be able to:

  • Locate on a world map the places the buildings are located and their approximate age
  • Describe in more detail at least one wooden building and the advantages of both the properties of wood and of using wood in terms of carbon emissions
  • Use ICT to enhance their learning, using a search engine effectively, and saving information
  • Gain practice in reading texts written for different audiences and understanding the general gist of the text
  • Extract useful information and make notes towards a presentation
  • Contribute to both group and individual tasks effectively, and help the group make progress
  • Assess and evaluate their own work and those of others, and provide thoughtful, positive feedback on how to improve either/or both spoken presentation and poster.


  • Indoor space
    With access to computers and the internet, and appropriate software
  • 5.3A Examples of wooden buildings
    Photographic examples of wooden buildings – enough for 1 building for each group

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