Activity 5.2
Cradle to grave

This is an activity to raise learners’ awareness of life and society today and in different times, at home and abroad. Throughout they will find how wood has been a constant and valuable resource.

Certain woods are better for some things than others – the trick is to know which. Eventually everything wears out and will be discarded – what happens to wood, and what consequence does that have for climate change, and the carbon cycle?

Learners will have/be able to:

  • Describe a time and/or place where wood was/is the main raw material used, and explain why wood/timber is such a valued natural resource
  • Describe a number of British native trees and their properties and/or products these species have been/are being used to make
  • Explain terms associated with recycling and renewable resources – such as sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, carbon sink – and be able to explain where there are carbon dioxide emissions within the growth – product – decay process.
  • Contribute to both group and individual tasks effectively, and help the group make progress.
  • Assess and evaluate their own work and that of others, and provide thoughtful, positive feedback on how to improve others’ posters.


  • Outdoor and indoor spaces
    Outdoors in a woodland/school grounds, with a log circle, and indoors – for internet research
  • Selection of everyday wooden objects
    In a woven basket–IKEA type grass/twig basket or locally made willow/birch basket
  • Forestry Commission Tree Trumps cards
    1 pack per group – otherwise, have a look at
  • Large sheets of flipchart paper & coloured pens

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