Activity 4.2
Biofuels energy search

This activity uses ICT to access information about biofuels and their role as a renewable energy source in the future.

The choice of learning context – giving a presentation or taking part in a debate – ensures the research covers the variety of sources, how they are used to produce energy, and the advantages and disadvantages associated with their growth and use. For example, the global conflicts of interest in growing crops, such as maize and palm oil for fuel, rather than for feeding indigenous populations in the countries concerned, or elsewhere, through normal trading.

This research may be extended to the use of renewable energy sources in Scotland – developing a case study.

Learners will have/be able to:

  • Name a number of different biofuels, and describe their advantages as renewable sources of energy
  • Explain how biofuels are used to produce energy, and that their current popularity is growing, but not without problems globally.
  • U se ICT to enhance their learning – using a search engine effectively, and saving information
  • Gain practice in reading texts written for different audiences and understand the general gist of the text.
  • Extract useful information and make notes for a presentation
  • Contribute to both group and individual tasks effectively, and help the group make progress.
  • Assess and evaluate their own work and those of others, and provide thoughtful, positive feedback on how to improve either/or both spoken presentation and poster.


  • Indoor space
    With access to computers/the internet PowerPoint software
  • Indoor space
    To hold a debate/presentations
  • Flipchart sheets and marker pens
    Enough for each group
  • Other artwork materials

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