Activity 4.1
Wood fuel – a cool choice!

This activity introduces learners to the concept of the wood cycle and helps them express how it works in their own words. The diagram provides the structure of the cycle, and the participants need to work through the process together, contributing their own interpretation of what they have heard and seen to the discussion.

You may like to provide some examples of wood fuel being used – look on some wood fuel websites (see Sources and further inspiration).

For example, NHS Dumfries and Galloway hospital received funding via FC Scotland to install a wood fuel system. It was important to have a renewable energy source that covered base heat requirement, while reducing carbon emissions. This was achieved by installing a biomass steam boiler that reduced the hospital’s carbon emissions by about 2,375 tonnes each year.

Learners will have/be able to:

  • Explain why wood fuel can be a more climate friendly source of energy than fossil fuels.
  • Contributed to a small dramatic performance
  • Contributed to a team effort, and expressed their own ideas and feelings


  • Outdoor/indoor space
    arge enough for small group work and presentation
  • 4.1A Wood fuel cycle
    1 per learner
  • 4.1B Wood fuel cycle completed
    1 per learner – optional
  • 4.1C Wood Fuel Picture cards
    1 set per group – optional
  • Large empty cardboard boxes
    and marker pens/paints and craft knives/scissors for making props – enough for all groups

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