Activity 3.4
Nature’s number’s up?

The year 2010 was the International Year of Biodiversity. Biodiversity at its simplest is the variety of all living things on our planet, and their interactions through time and space.

Biodiversity includes the differences between species, the genetic differences within a species, and the range of habitats in which they live. This is a card game that can be played inside or better outside – looking at the impact of both deforestation and climate change on biodiversity. How can we meet our needs, whilst still conserving wildlife – why is our biodiversity so important to human survival?

Learners will have/be able to:

  • Explain the term biodiversity, and give reasons why it is important both globally and locally.
  • Describe and explain the effects of deforestation on biodiversity
  • Give examples of how climate change affects biodiversity


  • Outdoor space
    Clearing in a woodland/school grounds under a tree, or indoors
  • 3.4A Biodiversity / value of trees card set
    Class pack – printed on large cards or if resources allow 1 pack/per team
  • 3.4A Trees with a value
    – use for information or research
  • Small/Large dice
    Could make one from a cube of wood or sponge, with edges and corners bevelled – 1 (or 1 per team)

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