Activity 3.3
What’s the difference?

A simple card-sorting activity introducing the main differences between deforestation and re-afforesting through sustainable forest management.

Learners will develop literacy skills through the need to apply their reading, listening and talking, and writing skills.

Learners will have/be able to:

  • Explain the differences between sustainable forest management and deforestation
  • Explain the consequences these differences have for climate change
  • Read out loud
  • Contribute ideas within a group, and help the group come to a decision


  • Internet search
    Search for the terms deforestation, sustainable forestry, Forest Stewardship Council
  • 3.3A The impact of deforestation
    Maps detailing the effect of deforestation – 8000 years ago & today
  • 3.3B What’s the difference? card set
    1 set/group (16 cards + 2 headers)
  • 3.3C What’s the difference? completed activity
    3.3D Sustainable wood management

    – at least one
  • Wooden item with FSC quality kite mark
    1 set/group (16 cards + 2 headers)

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