Activity 3.2
Moving carbon

This is a running game demonstrating the different impacts on climate change, as a consequence of different choices people make in managing the forest resource.

It is quite complicated to set up, and requires learners to concentrate on what is happening!

Learners will have/be able to:

  • Explain the process of respiration common to plants and animals, and photosynthesis
  • Describe the splitting of carbon dioxide into its component parts – carbon atoms and oxygen molecules
  • Explain the term carbon neutral and carbon lean and give examples
  • Assess risk and take informed decisions
  • Explain why deforestation is more harmful for climate change than sustainable management and reforesting
  • Contributed to working/learning as a team and/or as an individual


  • A flat outdoor space
    In woodland/school grounds
  • 5 willow/birch baskets/cardboard boxes
    Represent a tree
  • Carbon atom cards
    Large white laminated card circles/squares with 2 self-adhesive strips of Velcro hoops – 80
  • Oxygen atom cards
    Small blue laminated card circles/squares with one self-adhesive strip of Velcro hooks – 80
  • Carbon dioxide emitters
    Laminated cards – factory (6), transport (2), homes (2), farming (2)

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