Activity 2.4
Let’s calculate the carbon – in a tree

Forestry scientists agree that trees are very important in providing a solution to the harmful effects of climate change.

Trees are environmentally friendly, efficient, reliable and cheap. They offer an easy way to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and they store carbon away for long periods. Using this simple conversion chart can help develop various numeracy and measuring skills.

Learners will have/be able to:

  • Explain/draw in simple terms the carbon cycle, using key terms explaining the processes
  • Explain why trees are part of the solution to the harmful effects of climate change
  • Show how to measure the circumference of a tree trunk. Ask the children to do this three times and then take an average. Explain why more than one measurement was taken
  • U se the numbers and tables to work out further information, making use of multiplication and division, as well as explaining 50% as a fraction
  • Contribute to a small group task, and draw conclusions about group dynamics


  • Outdoor/indoor space
    With lots of trees to measure – the larger the better, at least 1 tree per group
  • 30 metre tape measure
    Or pieces of string and a metre stick/metre wheel – per group
    Calculator and laminated copy of chart
  • 2.4A Carbon Calculator
    – 1 of each per group
  • 2.4B How trees photosynthesize
    1kg packet of sugar
    Clipboard, paper & pencil

    - 1 per group
  • Flipchart sheets and marker pens
    - 1–2 per group

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