Activity 1.5
Our Changing World

This activity looks at one of the current causes of climate change – the burning of fossil fuels.

You can make it as simple or detailed as you wish, depending on the age/ ability of your class, and whether you use it as an introductory, or summing up activity.

Learners will have/be able to:

  • Describe the nature of a gas, and the mix of different gases making up the atmosphere of planet Earth
  • Use an example to explain how/ why the amount of some gases in the atmosphere has been changing, and the effect this has had on world climate patterns over time.
  • Describe examples of natural causes of climate change, and examples of causes of climate change thought to be due to human activities.


  • World globe/ball
    If possible painted with the continents and swirling white clouds
    representing the atmosphere.
  • Finger puppet animal
  • Finger puppet or real leaf
  • Selection of layers of warmth
    Hats, scarves, coats, blankets

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