Activity 1.4
Race against time

This activity looks at how one aspect of climate change (warming) may impact on plants and animals.

However, there are ways that people can reduce or mitigate this effect. Learners should be left knowing that people can make a difference, and that all is not lost.

Learners will have/be able to:

  • Describe how some trees are able to migrate by means of their seeds, because of their adaptations
  • Explain why plants and animals will move north, or uphill to seek cooler climate – some more successfully than others
  • Demonstrate an understanding of scale and measure, and the conversion of metres to kilometres and vice versa
  • Demonstrate the choice/use of an approximate measure suitable for the purpose
  • Contribute to a team working together


  • Outdoor/indoor space
    In woodland/school grounds – with room to spread out and run around
  • Laminated photos of trees
    Oak, holly, silver birch, yew, Scots pine, beech and lime – 1 per participant
  • 1.4A Seed travel illustrated card set
    – oak, holly, silver birch, yew, scots pine, beech and lime – 1 per participant
  • Sports Cones
    3 per team
  • Measuring tapes or wheels
    2 per team
  • Calculators
    2 per team

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