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Activity ideas – what is wood culture and why do we need wood culture?

  •  Think of a favourite tree/park/woodland and as a group or class, make your own diagram or picture of what it means to you. Compare this with Diagram 1.
  •  Give a ranking to images of trees for wildlife, forestry, playing and learning. Which images mean the most to you and why?
  •  Choose a familiar item made of wood e.g. from home, garden or school. Where did it come from and how did it get to you?
  •  Using Diagram 2, explore your local area to find out how trees or woodland near you is being managed.

Finding out more

The Grown in Britain Campaign (GiB)

Grown in Britain aims to bring together everyone who values our forests, woods and trees and the products we can make from the wood they produce. It is an incredibly positive movement that is bringing together: the environmentalists and woodland owners who contributed to the policy shaping work of the Independent Forestry Panel; the contractors, builders and retailers who want to buy, use and sell more British timber and wood-based products; woodland managers, public and private agencies who want to see many more of our woods managed to produce sustainable and legal sources of wood. To find out more and get involved in the campaign see

Forestry facts and figures

A useful leaflet with summary statistics on forest industry employment, visitors to forests, planting and production in the UK and comparisons with other countries.

Forestry statistics

More detailed statistics for higher levels of learning can be found at:

Forestry careers: the portal for learning and careers in forestry

This is a comprehensive guide to the diversity of jobs and careers in forestry and includes engaging film clips of people in a variety of jobs. The portal includes a leaflet listing where to go for courses and training and how to follow a pathway into forestry.

Many organisations and charities are trying to ensure that our wood culture continues for generations to come. This introductory unit is supported by the Forestry Commission; the Crown Estate; Grown in Britain; the Forest Education Network and Sylva Foundation.

Content for this wood culture unit has been developed by Fiona Groves, the Natural Route and Jen Hurst, Sylva Foundation. Whilst efforts are made to ensure the links to information given are up to date, please be aware these are controlled by other organisations and we are not responsible for the content or reliability of linked pages and listings should not be taken as endorsement of any kind.

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