Unit Overview

This resource contains an introduction that sets the scene for wood culture in Great Britain and 7 units relating to forest activity and climate change. There is a short video in each of the units along with detailed activity plans for you to use. Click on the units below to find out more…

Unit 1Our Wood CultureThe way we value trees and the many benefits we get from them as a society, and how we grow, nurture and produce wood from our woodlands is called… Click to view →

Unit 11: Climate Change ChallengeJames Morrison, from Forest research, talks about greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide, methane and ozone… Click to view →

2: Mission Possible – Carbon StorageJames Morrison explains that trees can provide part of the solution to rapid climate change. This is because trees help reduce… Click to view →

3: Choices & ConsequencesSimon Toomer explains how deforestation leads to the release of carbon dioxide into the environment. In many areas of the world… Click to view →

4: Renewable EnergyThe group of children from orchard Community primary School explain what makes wood a carbon lean fuel. Chris Reynolds, from Bedgebury… Click to view →

5: Multipurpose MaterialThis looks at why wood is a good material to use, using less energy to produce than manufactured products like concrete or steel… Click to view →

6: Planting TreesMark Broadmeadow talks about how climate change will mean that our forests could look very different in the future… Click to view →

7: Everyone’s ChallengeHugh Williams from Forest Research concludes the story, and tells us that the most important thing that we can do is to get out there… Click to view →

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