How to Use This Resource

This resource can only provide ideas, and some activities.  It is for you as teachers/leaders to take the ideas and build them into a challenging, enjoyable and progressive programme about climate change – based on your location, the time available, and the needs of your learners.

The resource map suggests a way of moving through the different units, as a guide only. The names of the units and the activities are more for your benefit in navigating the resource, than for the learners.

You will gather from the video sequence that there is a James Bond theme and music. Take some time when designing your programme to build in some kind of organising vehicle, e.g. a spymasters certificate, with separate sections to be passed, a footprint jigsaw, or riddle to be solved, by doing the activities. This will help the learning, by allowing the learners to trace their journey and know what they are aiming for – the destination, as well as the stops on the way.

Each unit has at least one outdoor learning based activity, but several of the other activities can be delivered out of doors, rather than being inside on a nice day. Those activities best delivered outdoors are marked with a * on the chart for easy identification.

The curriculum link charts are not intended to be comprehensive, but to give you an indication of the kinds of opportunities the activities provide in linking with/ between aspects of the subject/curriculum areas, and cross–curricular learning. If printed off they can be referred to as you read through the different activities.

The activity descriptors provide a list of resources/props that the activity requires. Those that are paper based are supplied as copiable masters, others you will have to source, or make – but this will make a difference! Preparatory activities are suggested, and in a few cases, alternative versions of the activity are presented, varying the challenge.

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